Web comedy show starring David Conolly, Anne Girard, Brian Zuanich and Robert Narholz

Written by David Conolly, Anne Girard, Brian Zuanich and Robert Narholz
Camera, edit and special FX by Robert Narholz
Produced and directed by David Conolly, Hannah Davis and Robert Narholz

Lena Film and Mansion Pictures, USA 2011

A bi-weekly spoof newscast on the web that rarely bothers with the trivia of… news. Hosted by the unflappable David Conolly and featuring satirical sketches and regular punditry from: Brian Zuanich as the nihilistic sports reporter Drew P. Bauls; Annie Girard as the meteorologically challenged weather girl, Gusty Winds; and Robert Narholz as Rob Ott, the geographically ambiguous technological expert… All in all just like the real news, really. HINDSIGHT NEWS – CAN’T CHANGE IT NOW!


EPISODE 101: “The Introduction”
Gusty Juggles, Drew’s Pointless LIfe, Rob’s Calculator Problems, The Sperm Bank