Documentary, 100 min, in production (scheduled for 2021)

There are instances where our mind arguably influences physical matter. From simply moving our physical bodies to more complex interactions, such as stress causing illness, we seldomly question what this mysterious “mind” actually is. But could it be possible that the reach of our mind is not confined to the boundaries of our own body, but that our consciousness has the capacity to alter physical reality outside of it?

Most ancient philosophies and indigenous knowledge have for long taken the transcendence of the mind (or “spirit”) over physical matter for granted. But about 400 years ago in Western Europe this idea was violently attacked and overthrown. In their quest for understanding the material world to its fullest extent, it took the Enlightenment movement only a few decades to eradicate a spritual worldview that had been in place literally for thousands of years. But for some reason, it seemed that the experiences that supported a transcendental worldview did not disappear with the “scientific” lack of belief in it.

This film follows and examines these experiences. By documenting current practitioners and events, as well as looking at historic and scientific evidence, we discover traces of a mind that may influence – and transcend – physical matter. Modern quantum physics, timeless mysticism and indigenous knowledge guide us on our path of understanding that despite all the great technological achievements of humanity, our greatest discovery is yet to happen: The discovery of our Self.


Documentary, 100 min, in production (scheduled for 2021)

Ever since history is being recorded, there is talk about persons with special abilities who are foretelling the future, having knowledge about distant events (with no physical means of acquiring that knowledge), or who are ‘talking to the dead’. Persons with such claims are still around today. It is easy to discard a large number of fraudulent cases. But what to do with those instances, where fraud seems impossible, and the information coming through is so exact and consistent that coincidence can also be ruled out?

The documentary THE ONE WHO COMES AFTER follows a woman who seems to have gotten a message “from the beyond” – and, while consulting different sensitives over the period of three years, tries to figure out what that message means to her own life’s path, and also to our understaning of reality itself – if what she has discovered is real…


Documentary, 45min, USA/AUSTRIA 2011

Global Warning is a filmmaker’s journey into war. Why are societies predisposed to war? And why are completely unrelated wars fatally similar in their making? These questions are on Global Warning’s agenda as filmmaker Ernst Gossner inquires into his native Tirol’s own last war – the war between Austria and Italy on top of Tirol’s mountains a hundred years ago. What at first seems like just one more episode of WWI slowly reveals its relevance towards present events, and the grand tragedy of war in general.

Written and Produced by Ernst Gossner and Robert Narholz | Edited by Robert Narholz | Directed by Ernst Gossner