Comedy Web Show, 5 episodes, USA 2011.

A bi-weekly spoof newscast on the web that rarely bothers with the trivia of… news. Hosted by the unflappable David Conolly and featuring satirical sketches and regular punditry from: Brian Zuanich as the nihilistic sports reporter Drew P. Bauls; Annie Girard as the meteorologically challenged weather girl, Gusty Winds; and Robert Narholz as Rob Ott, the geographically ambiguous technological expert… All in all just like the real news, really. HINDSIGHT NEWS – CAN’T CHANGE IT NOW!

Starring David Conolly, Annie Girard, Brian Zuanich and Robert Narholz | Produced by Robert Narholz, David Conolly and Hannah Davis | Music by Gregor Narholz | Editing and Motion Graphics by Robert Narholz | Directed by Hannah Davis, David Conolly and Robert Narholz